One of the courses offered on this site is Christian Foundations - A 52 part course in 3 Modules.  Here is an introduction from Derek Prince:

Laying a solid, secure foundation is the most important act in the erection of any building. If the foundation is not adequate, all that is subsequently erected upon it, no matter how beautiful or well built, is vulnerable to collapse. So it is with a Christian. It makes no difference how dedicated or disciplined our lives may be; it makes no difference how great our ministries become. If we do not have a secure foundation for our faith, we are vulnerable to collapse.

Through the years, I have had the unfortunate task of ministering to hundreds and hundreds of Christians whose lives had collapsed under the strain of pressure, sin, tragedy, satanic attack or simply because they lacked the strength to continue. Many of them had been believers for years, loyal church members and, in some case, leaders and pastors.

In most situations, I found that in some manner, the foundation of their Christian faith - either through neglect or ignorance - had not been solidly and properly laid.

For this reason, it is essential that every believer undertake a thorough, systematic, biblical study of the foundations of their Christian life. Without such a study and the subsequent application of the truth learned, all that follows is subject to loss.

This course in Christian Foundations is designed to meet such a need. These studies are built around the six foundational Christian doctrines enumerated in Hebrews 6:1-2:

  1. Repentance from dead works
  2. Faith towards God
  3. The doctrine of baptisms
  4. Laying on of hands
  5. Resurrection of the dead
  6. Eternal judgement

The first part of this course, Foundation for Faith, is an essential preliminary, designed to introduce you to the one, true foundation of the Christian life - Jesus Christ Himself. From there we will go on to study the material for building upon that foundation: the Bible - God's Word.

It is my prayer that this course will do more than educate, though it is designed to do that as well. The plan of study has been designed as an experience in studying and applying the truth of God's Word to the foundations of your own life. I trust that in doing so, any "cracks" or "weak spots" will be exposed and repaired by the working of God's Holy Spirit. If this strengthening can be accomplished, then your success as a believer and usefulness to the purposes of God will be that much more secure.

As a final word, let me say that this course is designed both to challenge your intellect and shape your character. It will require effort, thought and discipline to complete the assignments and reap the full benefit of the material. In a pilot project of this course, most people indicated that they were engaging in such a study to gain a better knowledge of God's Word. It has been my experience that knowledge of God's Word is never poured into our being by some magic formula. It can only be acquired by study and diligence.

I am now placing in your hands the material that is able to guide you in a systematic and disciplined study. If you make full use of what is at your disposal, I can promise that your reward will be great!

In the Master's service

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Derek Prince

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