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Rescue, deliverance; in Scripture it includes forgiveness, healing, prosperity, deliverance, safety, rescue, liberation, and restoration


To set apart, dedicate, consecrate, make or become holy



Proof, evidence, or what someone can say from their personal experience to support what they believe to be true


The textbook for the course is known by different names around the world, but has consistent content.  The names by which it is known are:

  • Foundations for Faith
  • Foundations for Righteous Living
  • Foundations for Christian Living
  • Foundational Truths for Christian Living
  • Spirit-Filled Believers Handbook

The book has also been published in different formats.  In the beginning, it was published as seven different booklets which correspond to the seven parts of this course.  It was then published as three booklets which correspond to the three modules which are still clear in the paper-based version of the course, but not as obvious in the online version.  See Glossary entry on Modules to read more about it.



The breaking of a moral law or rule of behaviour



A movement that is focused on supporting the well-being of Israel

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