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Before you begin each lesson, you will be instructed to take a moment and pray for the Lord to help you with the lesson in some specific way.


Stop for a moment and ask the Lord to apply this truth to your heart.

It is important that you take this moment to pray before each lesson.  The Holy Spirit is the Teacher and without His guidance, we learn facts without really coming to know Jesus Christ and His Word in a direct and intimate way.



A turning around; a change of mind and heart accompanied by a change of behaviour

Review Tests

At the end of each lesson you will be given a Review Test.  The Review Test will further reinforce and consolidate the material in each lesson.  Each Review Test should be completed from memory.  You should not refer to the text or your study notes when taking this test.  Some Review Questions may refer to previous chapters studied.  When checking your answers, you may need to look back to earlier lessons.

Scripture Reading

With each lesson, you will be given a substantial portion of Scripture to read.


John 3.

This passage of Scripture will relate in some way to your overall study.  Take time to read it quietly and thoughtfully.


Each lesson in the course is divided into small sections of two to three pages in the course text.  This allows the course to be simply organised and learned.  Occasionally, if a section of the text is quite short, it will be combined with another section to make a single work section in the course.  In each section you will study the Bible and your text.

Special Assignments

Occasionally you will be given a special work assignment related to the material you are studying.  It will usually be centred in a study of some portion of Scripture.  Special Assignments will be checked by your tutor at the same time as the relevant examination, so make sure that it is filled in by that point as your exam will not be marked without it.

Text Study

After reading the assigned Scriptures and answering the questions, you will then read one or more sections of the text for that particular section of the textbook.  The sections in the text are titled, so they are easy to locate.


Text Study.  Read from the beginning of the chapter the first three sections, ending at the title "Means of Revelation."

Finally, you will complete the section by answering question on the text material you have just read.  These questions are in the form of key phrases from the text which you will complete by filling in the missing words (or letters).  It is important for you to try to fill in the missing words from memory without referring back to the text. Recalling the missing word further reinforces the learning process.  To help you remember the missing word, the first letter of the word is included in the blank as a "prompt".  When moving through the gaps, it is possible just to tab through to the next gap rather than using your mouse.

Recalling the answer totally from memory not only reinforces your learning to the maximum, it will help you read the text with greater care and attention.  At times you may not be able to recall the correct answer.  If you cannot, go on and answer the questions you know.  After you have finished answering all the questions you can remember, go back to the text and look up the ones you could not remember.

Once you have filled in all the blanks, Check your Answers and then Print the page to keep for reference and revision.approve  If you get stuck, use the hint button to add a letter to the answer you are trying.




Coming from Adam, the first created man


Going upward, especially Jesus rising to heaven from the earth



Slander, abusive words

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