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FF1 Section 2 Means of Revelation
by Lynn Smith - Thursday, 8 February 2007, 10:36 AM

Sorry to come back to NIV versus NKJ but had a problem with Hot Pot.      Is. 8:20 and filling in the gap.  NIV was not as easy to understand as NKJ so it a few attempts to fill in correctly.  Having talked to a couple of BCC students about struggling to get started, keep getting the message repeatedly that you're wrong as you make several attempts, is a bit discouraging at a time when you can be quite vulnerable.  If these H.Ps are not counted towards the end result, does their outcome have to be recorded as a percentage?  Could not a simple "One incorrect entry" or something similar come up?  Scores in whatever form are quite emotive.

In connection with scores - the instructions tell us to keep going until we have 100%.  The results box doesn't record this if you have more than one attempt.  Does it mean until all your answers are correct so that you can print out with no gaps or mistakes?

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Re: FF1 Section 2 Means of Revelation
by Admin User - Thursday, 8 February 2007, 4:01 PM

I think the point about the scoring is a valid one.  I had thought to try and turn the scoring off altogether, but that would seem a bit silly as there is then no prompt to say that you need to try again.  It will require a hack into the code to change the way that the scoring works which may be a bit of a challenge.  I will see if Ronna is familar with Java which is what it is written in.

The idea with the 100% was that when going through the lessons, in revising for the review tests and exam, you would keep going through them until you could do all of the questions from memory without any mistakes.  It is something that I put in myself since it is only relevant to the online version, so I will make a note of it and I can discuss with Neil/Yvonne when we make some more changes.

Thanks again