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Julie Gray
FF2 Section 3 - John 16:12-15
by Julie Gray - Tuesday, 6 February 2007, 10:33 PM

minor point - quiz answer "holy spirit" not in capitals. can't system capitalize where needed? also NKJV talks in these scriptures of "Spirit of truth". Was it intentional for answer to be Holy Spirit?

Idea from my eldest son, Daniel - could you click on scripture reference and it be read to you.

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Re: FF2 Section 3 - John 16:12-15
by Admin User - Thursday, 8 February 2007, 4:37 PM

This is a valid point about the capitals.  In hotpotatoes, there is an option to force the case of the answers, but that is not possible on a one by one basis.  I decided that forcing the case would probably cause more frustration for the user than it would be help.

The answer I have in the quiz is capitalised, but it won't correct the answer which you have typed in.

Tell Daniel that it is a good idea with the reading of the text and is possible since I think that you can get Bible Gateway to read the verse out to you.  The feeling when we were talking here about how easy to make things for people was that if it was all spoonfed, then people wouldn't absorb it as well.  That is why we are not putting all the reading text in (only FF1 for those guests who don't have a copy of the book) and we are not linking the Bible verses to Bible Gateway individually since people are encouraged to use the textbook and their own Bibles.  Lynn has already commented that the course lends itself to being done too quickly and not being inculcated sufficiently.

But don't stop the ideas....